Affiliation, Design and Web Sites Construction

No, with our month to month service, you can quit at any time if you are not satisfied, you can pay monthly or in a yearly payment by registering your credit card for automatic discount, or by bank transfer, it's that simple. Very low down payment, no permanence contracts, only the best web rental service paid monthly.

If you don't have content, no problem, provide us with the information you have and Froogsites® will take care of the rest, creating content for your website, optimized and ready for your audience.

We are not deferred payment, Froogsites® rents you a website for a monthly or annual membership payment that you make for the creation and management of the site; this will allow you to reach more audience and achieve more opportunities and sales, in addition, the payment you make is the lowest in the market.
Froogsites®, has sought partnerships with the largest and most influential digital companies in the market to offer the best price. We focus on the relationship with our affiliates and their needs to help them grow, our program takes care of the design and content.

No, just choose one of our themes, we offer a large number of templates for you to choose from, just give us the basic information you want to go on your website and Froogsites® will design your website and send it to you for your approval.

Yes, you need to share with us your logo if you have already designed it, if you haven't done it yet and you don't have an image, Froogsites┬«, will design a temporary logo to open your web page, for FREE. If you want the development of a professional image and a logo with image concept, Froogsites┬« will do it for you with our designers for an additional value...ASK US .... 

YES, just give us the address of your website and we will take care of updating and managing it. With our Froogsites® system your website will have the best image and constant and optimized presence on the internet, you will not have to worry about anything, we take care of everything, just let us know what you need and we will do it.

Yes, Froogsites® can give your Web site a fresh and current image, and keep the site running in a dynamic and pleasant way.

We optimize it for search engines (SEO) to give you the best opportunity to find more customers through google, we also relate your website with your social networks and we link you with Wordpress to make blogs and so you will be better positioned in Google.

No, the Froogsites® service has a low monthly price, remember that the design, hosting, domain and corporate email are included, also, remember that Froogsites®, has sought collaboration with the largest and most influential digital companies in the market to offer the most economical price, WITH NO HIDDEN COSTS ... WITH GREAT DISCOUNTS

In a word, Yes, the latest research says that over 70% of website visits are made from mobile devices such as smartphones, so you can't afford to be left behind. Your website must be "responsive", that means mobile friendly; our Froogsites┬« system takes care of this by using Cutting edge technology to automatically adjust the size depending on where they are viewed, a laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

Yes, Froogsites® takes care of everything you need to keep your website running optimally all the time, we also adjust, change and update what you need (for the monthly price we charge we offer you the required adjustments per month), our Froogsites® system, is responsible for keeping all our websites up and running.

Yes, our Froogsites® program makes the process absolutely simple, and our professional Web-Master will advise you on everything you need.

We develop our projects with our team in our offices in San Francisco and Florida and in Colombia for North America and around the world.

No, AFFILIATE that our system can start the design with the information and content that you have at the moment plus the one that our system Froogsites® generates automatically, it should not be complete; the important thing is that you share with us in the next days more content for our system to complete the information and build your site with the best design..

Yes, our system adapts to your needs, just tell us what you need and we will tell you how we can do it (If the project includes elaborated developments, the cost of the affiliation is different).

Once you join our AFFILIATION ZONE, our Webmasters build your website in 24 hours and the optimization by our Web-Masters is done in 5 days.

Yes of course, our Froogsites® system develops sites from anywhere in the world and our professionals communicate with you via email, chat, phone or video call to receive your requirements and adjust the necessary, our clients are from all over the world.

No, if you wish to affiliate with Froogsites┬«, you must send us your information with the content of your website under construction and our system builds the website for you. 

Yes, our Froogsites® themes are made for any business website, just provide us with the necessary information.

It means that your website adapts to the size of any device and works efficiently on computers, tablets and smartphones, this avoids additional development and design and makes the process more cost-effective.

Yes, our Froogsites® system generates designs and templates intelligently for your company, we have available for all types of businesses.

No, Froogsites® is not a CMS, it is an automated system of design, creation and administration of Web Sites, for that reason our prices are so low, you do not have to do anything, you should not have design knowledge and should not have any time to create, update, manage or troubleshoot your Web Site, our system and our Web-Masters do it all for you and at the best price, you dedicate yourself to your activity that we take care of your presence on the Internet.

Costs and Warranties 

Yes, if you do not do it with Froogsites®, you will have to pay costs that platforms or development companies do not mention such as monthly hosting, annual domain, monthly business email accounts, hourly cost of attention of a professional Web-Master to update or troubleshoot your Web-Site, our affiliation includes all this and much more.

Absolutely, we guarantee that your website will have a great design, plus it will be ON AIR 24/7, we adjust and fix everything necessary to make it your perfect presence on the internet, remember that there are no contracts, so if you do not like the result, you can withdraw.

We accept all major credit cards and receive payments from our secure payment platforms Mercadopago, Waveapps and PAYPAL. We send invoices for the amount due and you can pay with a discount from your bank account.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) y Social Network

Of course, Froogsites┬« optimizes your website to be more visible to search engines like Google and more visited by potential customers and followers. 

Yes, Froogsites® will create your social media accounts if you have them and link them to your website.

Support, Maintenance and Administration

Contact us, we will solve your problem immediately.

Contact us via email or chat and we will respond within 2 hours and resolve your request within 24 hours.

No, your membership includes technical service and updates to your Web site.

No, just let us know what you need and we will take care of all the administration .... 

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